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Miami Beach: The Symphony of Sands and Skylines

Miami Beach, an emblem of Florida's allure, seamlessly marries the nostalgic charm of classic Art Deco with the audacity of modern design. In its lively streets, the heartbeat of urban excitement is palpable, yet a few steps lead you to the embrace of serene beachfronts, where waves whisper tales of timeless tranquility.

Every corner tells a story. From the iconic silhouettes of historic architecture standing sentinel to the sleek innovations that signal the future, it's a dance of contrasts. Yet, there's harmony in this dance; the energy of city avenues blends effortlessly with the calm of sandy retreats.

Miami Beach is more than a location—it's a curated experience. A place where the soul finds both exhilaration and reprieve, and where the spirit of classic and contemporary finds its perfect rhythm. Dive deeper, and immerse yourself in this enchanting blend.

Ella Miami Residences: A Reflection of Miami Beach Elegance.

Nestled in the heart of Miami Beach, Ella Miami Residences is a beacon of luxury, offering a bespoke living experience that captures the essence of this iconic locale. With a collection of 95 distinct residences, Ella is not just a place to live; it's a testament to the soul of Miami Beach.

Choose from a diverse spectrum: from the intimate charm of junior one-bedrooms to the expansive luxury of two-bedroom suites, spanning 8 meticulously designed floor plans. Each residence at Ella resonates with a unique voice, offering a tailor-made space that caters to individual tastes and lifestyles.

At Ella, every detail, from the architectural nuances to the interior finishes, reflects a commitment to excellence and contemporary sophistication. Crafted with precision and care, these residences serve as a tribute to the vibrant spirit of Miami Beach, ensuring that every moment spent within these walls is a reflection of the city's allure.

Dive into a world where luxury meets locale. Experience Ella Miami Residences—where the spirit of Miami Beach is eternally echoed in every corner.

Signature Features

  • Panoramic Ocean and Bay Vistas
  • A Stone's Throw from the Beach
  • Soaring Ceilings of Over 9 Feet
  • In-residence Laundry Convenience
  • Spacious Terraces with Power Outlets
  • Efficient Loading Dock for Seamless Transitions
  • Flexibility with Short-term Rental Options

Culinary Elegance

  • Exquisite ItalKraft Kitchen Designs
  • Ready-for-Panel Appliance Setup
  • Premium Jennair Appliance Collection
  • Modern 30” Induction Cooking Range
  • Refrigeration Solutions: 24” to 36” Options
  • Efficient 24” Asko Dishwashing System
  • Built-in Wall Oven/Microwave in Chosen Residences
  • Functional Kitchen Islands in Chosen Homes
  • Concealed Appliance Storage in Selected Suites

Refined Finishing Touches

  • Tailored Designer Wardrobes
  • Premium Stone Countertops
  • Superior Kohler Kitchen Basins
  • Elegant Kartners Bathroom Accents
  • Sleek Kohler Bathroom Faucets
  • Contemporary Toto Sanitary Ware
  • Residences with Complete Furnishings
  • Exclusively Styled by Steven G Interiors

Ella Miami: Where Past Charm Embraces Future Luxuries

At Ella Miami, we've seamlessly blended vintage indulgence with modern-day pursuits. Dive into an ambiance where the allure of Miami's golden era comes alive in spaces like our retro lounge and Art Deco-inspired pool. Yet, just a heartbeat away, you'll find contemporary luxuries, including a state-of-the-art fitness suite and chic rooftop settings. It's here, at Ella Miami, where timeless charm meets the vibrant energy of today, crafting an unparalleled living experience.


  • Skyview Pool
  • Invigorating Cold Plunge
  • Relaxation Sauna
  • State-of-the-Art Fitness Hub
  • Pickleball Playground
  • Tranquil Yoga & Meditation Terrace
  • Exclusive Residents' Lounge
  • Alfresco Summer Kitchen & Bar
  • Sheltered Dining Oasis
  • Refreshing Open-Air Shower
  • Scenic Observation Deck & Lounge
  • Modern Co-Working Space


  • Ride in Style: Courtesy beach cruisers for residents
  • Hands-On Management: On-site property expertise
  • Advanced Entry: Cutting-edge access control system
  • Varied Parking Options: Dedicated spaces for cars, Vespas, and mopeds
  • Swift Transitions: Dual elevators and a loading dock for hassle-free relocations
  • Seaside Gear Storage: Accommodations for your beach and surf essentials
  • Parcel Haven: Secure package room for deliveries
  • Retail Within Reach: On-premises shopping options
  • Elegant Paseo: Sheltered walkway for leisurely strolls
  • Cyclist's Corner: Dedicated bicycle storage
  • Exclusive Shoreline Leisure: Access to a premium beach club

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